TIG welding, thanks to the high temperatures reached during processing, is ideal for welding a large number of materials.

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Thanks to our twenty years of experience in metallurgy, we have established ourselves as a leader.


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Our team is certified by Bureau Veritas for processing carbon steel and stainless steels.

aluminum tig welds

TIG welding is a process where experience, professionalism and study have an essential importance. The highly qualified staff of New Welding, in possession of the most important certifications, offers its customers a top quality service, for a perfect and homogeneous welding.

TIG welding (Tungsten Inert Gas), also called argon welding due to the gas used, is a spontaneous fusion welding process: the electric arc is released between the infusible Tungsten electrode under gaseous protection and the material to be welded. Thanks to our experience we are able to weld pipes even without using internal gas.

This procedure involves a wide range of weldable materials, maintaining a very high quality standard:

  • aluminium;
  • stainless steel;
  • copper;
  • iron (carbon steel);
  • titanium.

An added value to our welds lies in their finish. Thanks to our electrolytic pickling machine, we are in fact able to obtain very high quality finishing of the welded surface.

TIG: aluminum welding

The TIG welding process is the most suitable for welding aluminum, even if the materials are of reduced thickness, being weldable already from the first pass. The secret of such a powerful and precise result? A meticulous cleaning of the material to be welded, to avoid the formation of porosity and slag.

TIG: stainless steel welding

Industrial plants are generally built using structural steels, such as stainless steel or stainless steel.The high temperatures reached during the TIG welding process are ideal for welding this type of material, maintaining very high quality and aesthetic standards, even with several passes.

TIG: copper welding

The simple handling and the good manageability of the arc make it possible to use the TIG welding process in a precise and clean manner, even on materials such as copper, ensuring clear and exact welds without slag inclusions.

TIG: iron welding

TIG welding is used to weld ferrous materials, called carbon steel in technical jargon. The final result is resistant, especially when welding pieces with reduced thickness and even with several passes.

TIG: titanium welding

Titanium welding is the one that requires, more than other materials, a meticulous and thorough cleaning. For this reason we at New Welding pay particular attention to the order of the working environment both on site and in our well-equipped workshop. Using the TIG welding process is the most recommended because it is precise, capable of achieving a result without burrs and with slag reduced to a minimum.


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