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The UNI EN ISO 3834 norms defines the quality standards for the welding of metallic materials, both for those who carry them out and for those who evaluate them. The legislation regulates all activities related to welding, regardless of the product and the sector in which it is used. Let’s find out more in detail.

What is the UNI 3834 standard?

The UNI 3834 standard is mandatory for all workshops that deal with metal structural work, carrying out welding activities on structures of any material or size. It integrates perfectly with other regulations and is divided into 5 parts:

  • Part 1, criteria for choosing the appropriate level of quality requirements: it is a necessary guide for the company itself, to identify which certifications to acquire
  • Part 2, extended quality requirements: fully regulates all welding activities, such as production planning
  • Part 3, normal quality requirements: in this case the certified activities are only recommended, not mandatory
  • Part 4, elementary quality requirements: for the activities in question, there are no special obligations or requests
  • Part 5, documents to which it is necessary to comply: it contains a set of mandatory certifications, regardless of those chosen by the company (part 2, 3 or 4)

Parts 2, 3 and 4 are subject to certification at the discretion of the company, as it can decide for itself which to acquire. The ISO 3834 certification for the quality of the welding is designed both for the manufacture and for the evaluation of the products, as a guarantee to meet the requirements requested by the customer and the regulations.

The objectives of certification 3834

The 3834 certification ensures the skills of the company, guaranteeing customers the conformity of products and processes. By defining the quality standards to be respected, it provides a solid basis for assessing the ability of a manufacturer in the welding process.

This process, always according to UNI EN 3834, must be:

  • Really applicable
  • Executed in total safety
  • Qualitatively acceptable
  • Realized according to the same regulation

The same standards are applicable to the evaluation of the process, not just to the best possible outcome.

The benefits of the ISO 3834 standard

Thanks to the ISO 3834 standard and the Ministerial Decree of 14/01/2008, compliance with the standard is mandatory for all engineering constructions: during the stipulation of a contract between the manufacturer and the buyer, all the characteristics that the welding must respect in order to guarantee the finished product are clearly defined.

The UNI EN ISO 3834 standard is intended to protect the suppliers themselves because, by following the present rules, they will have at their disposal guidelines to be strictly followed during the welding processes, ensuring the creation of a compliant product.

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