Oil & Gas welding

In the Oil & Gas sector the welds are really important elements, rely on the New Welding’s competencies and experience.

Why Us?


Experience in metallurgy

Thanks to our twenty years of experience in metallurgy, we have established ourselves as a leader.


High quality workmanship

Our professionals are constantly updated and will guarantee the highest quality standards.



Our team is certified by Bureau Veritas for processing carbon steel and stainless steels.

oil & gas plants weldings on oil and gas pipelines

In the several sectors in which New Welding operates we find the Oil & Gas. This Sector affects the welding of gas and oil pipelines.
The welds in general, but specially in the Oil & Gas sector, can’t have the slightest defects, to avoid severe inconvenients.

Pipeline welding

The welding on pipelines are more and more requested and, with their request, even the production rate and precision increase.
Engineering studies study ultra-resistant pipelines with lower and lower thickness, making sure that the workers always make precise interventions in the smallest amount of time.
That’s why you’ll find in us at New Welding the perfect partner for your company, thanks to the possibility to weld pipelines directly on the spot, or at our fully equipped workshop.

Welding on offshore platforms and refineries

New Welding boasts over 20 years of experience in welding on oil platforms and refineries, thanks to the collaboration with companies that operate at the most known brands worldwide.
Between the most recurring alloys on which we do welding for the Oil & Gas sector, we find the Copper – Nickel, in particular the widespread Cu/Ni 90/10, also called Cupronickel, that presents a high resistance to marine corrosion.
Every welding we do, furthermore, is EN and ASME certified, synonym of the high quality of the service.

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