In order to expand our vision for the future, we have decided to start a digital revolution: New Welding is now proud to present the new website and the new corporate blog!

Our objective? Create a portal that will become a reference point for anyone who wants to be informed about the latest news from the world of industrial welding and our projects.

From welding to communication: digital innovation

At New Welding, we know that the world of business is constantly evolving: new markets in which to operate, new techniques to learn and new tools to implement to guarantee a perfect result for our customers.

Thanks to this awareness we have decided to expand our way of communicating with you, sharing the information that we consider to be the most significant from the world of welding.

To do this we have launched a digital revolution: we present our brand new website and our corporate blog!

What you will find on and on the blog

On our website you will find all our main information:

  • our past projects, to show you our work with the greatest transparency;
  • the services we offer, explained with clarity and simplicity;
  • all our contacts and where you can find us to become a business partner.

In our blog we decided to talk to you about welding in more detail and how we employ our know-how in each project.

We want to show you our world to share our values and explain why New Welding is your ideal partner.

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