EN and ASME certified welding

New Welding is the partner company for welding services, certified both EN and ASME, that you were looking for.

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Thanks to our twenty years of experience in metallurgy, we have established ourselves as a leader.


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Our team is certified by Bureau Veritas for processing carbon steel and stainless steels.

en and asme certified weldings

To be compliant with the latest regulations, all the structures in which welding works will be applied will necessarily have to be certified. These two types of welding certifications that relate the services offered by New Welding are:

  • EN certification: the European certification
  • ASME certification: the American certification

The EN and ASME certifications relate every sector, from the welding of the stainless steel frames, to the welding of pipes on oil installations in Cupronickel.

EN certified welding

The EN certifications show all the quality requirements that the welding works need to be used and sold in Europe.
These certifications relate both the construction in the workshop and the welds at the specified location. An example is the UNI EN ISO 3834 necessary for all mechanical carpentry workshops that do welds on structural parts.
Another example is the EN UNI 1090 certification that regulates the welded metallic structures’ security.

ASME certified welding

The companies and the regulators in the whole world, when it comes to the American market, rely on the ASME (American Society Mechanical Engineers) certification for the quality of the welding.
The ASME code grants the planning, construction and test of the structures affected by pressure like pipes and heaters’ components.
This code often gets updated (every two years), where we find the IX section that relates the welding’s certification.

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