Our electrolytic pickling service, thanks to the use of the best technologies, guarantees top quality finishes.

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Experience in metallurgy

Thanks to our twenty years of experience in metallurgy, we have established ourselves as a leader.


High quality workmanship

Our professionals are constantly updated and will guarantee the highest quality standards.



Our team is certified by Bureau Veritas for processing carbon steel and stainless steels.

metal pickling

Electrolytic pickling: high quality finishes on welds

New Welding offers its customers an electrolytic pickling service, using the best technologies of the latest generation, thanks to which we obtain very high quality finishes on our welding works.

The advantages of metal pickling are countless:

  • restoration of a clean surface free of polluting factors;
  • removal of welding oxides, for both technical and aesthetic reasons;
  • removal of surface pollutants and oxidation spread on the product;
  • uniformity in the color of the material, maintaining high aesthetic standards of workmanship.

The electrolytic pickling service is performed by our certified and highly qualified professionals, to offer our customers a finished job with the highest quality and aesthetic standards.

Welding pickling

By using different materials for our welding jobs, we have acquired the best skills for their treatment during the pickling phase.

The pickling of oxidized iron is a meticulous cleaning process which consists in removing some residues from this particular material: rust, splinters and other polluting particles will be removed to guarantee a perfectly pickled iron.

Thanks to our different solutions we carry out pickling on stainless steel products, as they are possible with thermal oxidation at the end of welding. Working at very high temperatures, the rust-proofing of the material is affected, which therefore requires further treatment to maintain its properties.

The pickling treatment is also carried out on materials such as titanium which, thanks to this procedure, improve their characteristics and can be used for a large number of applications.

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