The use of highly mobile equipment makes electrode welding versatile and applicable in various sectors.

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mma welding

Electrode welding is the most widely used welding procedure, both in mechanical construction and in metallurgical carpentry, and is indicated for the welding of most ferrous and non-ferrous metal alloys.

New Welding professionals are highly specialized in this type of welding as well, because it is very versatile, despite the short length of the electrode, and able to guarantee optimal results.

Electrode welding, also called MMA welding (Metal Manual Arc), is carried out with the help of a coated electrode and without the use of gas. The arc of current is formed between the electrode and the material to be welded.

Coatings for electrode welding

In this type of welding different types of coated electrodes are used, each with its own characteristics:

  • acid coatings: they are made of alloys and iron oxides, from which a well deoxidized welding bath is derived;
  • rutile coatings: used to obtain a high quality aesthetic appearance, they are composed of elements such as titanium dioxide. They are mostly used in welds of moderate thickness;
  • cellulose coatings: composed of cellulose, they find their main use in descending vertical welds as they melt a large quantity of base material, offering good penetration in the first pass;
  • basic coatings: containing basic elements such as calcium carbonate, they are the perfect solution to obtain high-purity deposits with excellent mechanical characteristics.

Our experts choose the perfect coating according to the material to be welded and the position of the weld, always ensuring the best result to our customers.

The main uses of electrode welding

The versatility and ease of handling of electric arc welding equipment allows us to perform perfect welds in a variety of industries and materials, including:

  • welding steel;
  • welding iron;
  • welding aluminium.

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