Continuous Wire Welding

MIG / MAG continuous wire welding guarantees high productivity during processing.

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Our team is certified by Bureau Veritas for processing carbon steel and stainless steels.

mig mag welding with cored wire

Continuous wire welding is a process in which the protection of the weld pool is ensured by a covering gas, flowing from the torch onto the piece to be welded. There are two different types of continuous wire welding, depending on the gas used: MIG and MAG.

New Welding’s experience and professionalism in the continuous wire welding process offer superior quality, managing to gain the trust of important national and international partners. Among the various types of welding, continuous wire welding guarantees high productivity of the process itself, operating without slag thanks to the presence of gas.

MIG / MAG welding

MIG gas welding, Metal Inert Gas, uses argon mixed with helium as a protection gas in the weld pool and is particularly suitable for carpentry, large structures, railway and nautical constructions.

MAG welding, Metal Active Gas, uses argon mixed with an active gas such as oxygen, hydrogen or carbon dioxide to protect the weld pool and is particularly suitable when high penetration temperatures are needed.

Thanks to these types of welding, New Welding can operate on a wide range of materials such as:

  • light metal alloys;
  • copper alloys;
  • nickel alloys;
  • titanium alloys.

Continuous wire welding: thin sheets

To achieve the perfect welding of very thin sheets, for example in aluminum, continuous wire welding is the ideal solution: the skill of New Welding professionals is the key to a very high quality result.

Welding with cored wire

The cored wire welding process does not require the use of gas supplied by the welding machine, as they are present directly in the wire. This feature makes it possible to better protect the weld pool and the material to be welded.

The ideal use of cored wire welding is outdoors: the peculiarity of having the gas present directly in the wire makes it perfect for external welding.

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